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Basic Info

Model No.: TYR-588

Product Description

It has excellent dispersibility and is easy to disperse quickly. The product also has outstanding covering power and glossiness and provides a bright whiteness with a blue background. 
Because of its selected inorganic surface coating, it can bring a high degree of weatherability, making it flexible for various indoor and outdoor applications.
Technical Data Sheet

Titanium Dioxide Rutile TYR-588


TYR-588 is a zirconia and alumina inorganic and organic surface treated rutile TiO2 pigment from the chlorination process. It has high glossiness, nice wetting and dispersion, good weathering resistance and high hiding power properties. It is especially used in outdoor water-based paint with high weather resistance, oil paint and ink.

Application recommendations

Indoor and outdoor light, semi-optical architectural coatings, automotive OEM and repair paint, coil coatings, industrial anticorrosive coatings, Decorative coatings and powder coatings and other coating applications.



Quality parameters


Crystal Structure


ISO 591 and DIN 55912 Classification


ASTM D476 Classification

Chemical Abstracts Number (CAS)

13463 -67-7

TiO2 Content (%)


Brightness (%)


pH Value


Oil absorption g/100g


Tinting Strength(Reynolds number)


The content of rutile


Specific resistance, Ω m


Density (g/cm³)


Average Particle Size (μm)


Surface Treatment

ZrO2; Al2O3; organic



TYR-588 is not a hazardous substance according to international standards. A Material Safety Data Sheet will be provided upon request.


25 Kg, 500 Kg and1000 Kg; seaworthy and suitable for container transportation;

Keep it in dry and cool place.



The information in this publication is, to the best of our knowledge, true. However, since the conditions of use are beyond our control, the recommendations provided here are not to be considered as a warranty expressed or implied.


In any case, caution must be exercised to avoid violation or infringement of regulatory requirements and any rights belonging to a third party.


We are, at all times, willing to study customer specific applications involving our products in order to enable their most effective use.

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